Who We Are

My name is Rich Phillips and I am the proud father of three amazing kids. I’m also a builder, with decades of experience building custom homes. Along the way, I’ve learned that in order to build a quality home, you must first build a strong foundation, using the right tools in the process - and so it is in building a family.

Growing up, I was fortunate to have a very close relationship with my mom. We spent lots of time together, and I am grateful for the positive influence her attention had on me. But what I longed for was my dad - he was dedicated to his career. As a result, he was not very present for me as a parent. I desperately sought his approval and felt frustrated by his detachment from my daily life. Thankfully, my dad and I have grown closer in recent years. While he took responsibility for choosing work over family, which meant a lot to me as an adult, I always wondered what my life would have looked like if he had taken more of an interest in me growing up.

The moment my first son was born, I knew I had a chance to be different.

I believe it’s never too late to spend time with your kids. Time really does fly - it feels like just yesterday that my three little ones were wrestling and laughing on the living room floor. As they launch into the great, big world pursuing education and experiences beyond our home, I couldn’t be more proud of the strong relationships we have forged.

When we learn together, we grow together. I hope my story and book Time with Your Kids will help inspire you to do just that. You won’t regret tomorrow being the best parent you can be today.